Tom Biscan

Hey, there! I'm a technologist, indie maker and a consultant. People call me Tom.

As a consultant, I worked with companies big and small. You know... big fish in a small pond and small fish in a big pond. When I'm not fishing, I help businesses to automate day-to-day operations or build their SaaS. I accomplish that by building software tools and integrating APIs. To keep it short, I've...

  • Architected multiple projects with over a million monthly visitors (vanity metric that tells you I'm legit).
  • Built many scalable mobile and web applications (lost the count).
  • Been building and managing solutions on the cloud infrastructure and actual cloud infrastructure itself.
  • Delivered snappy UI solutions (React.js 'n' all)
  • Worked remotely most of my career
  • Moved from Croatia to Northern Ireland, UK (grass is literally greener)

As an indie maker, I love creating products and helping others with theirs.

I'm @TomBiscan on Twitter.


Devise Digital — my UK company where I consult companies such as Monzo, IBM and Liberty Mutual.


DeviseOps — Making a product that helps agencies manage their processes and service delivery.


Golang Testing — where I occasionally write about my favourite programming language Go.