Work with me

Need a Gopher? Or Typescript is the technology of your choice? Didn't make a choice yet? I can guide you through it.

Given I'm not too busy building my products, these are some of the services I provide:

CTO on retainer

Don't have a budget for full-time CTO, but would benefit from an experienced set of eyes giving you actionable technology advice?

Software architecture & infrastructure reviews

Did you outgrow your MVP, and now its time for a long term solution? Have scaling issues? Moving to a different tech-stack?

Migration to the cloud

With so many options, it is hard to know what to use and how to stay within your budget.

Code reviews

Outsourced your software a need someone to take a look at it? Or your in-house dev needs a hand?

CI/CD setup

Setting up continuous integration and continuous delivery can help your developers focus on shipping features while getting a boost in productivity, and your business gets a faster time to market.

Website audit

Is your website too slow? Worried about security?

Is your situation unique?

Tell me about it. Get in touch.